The English Regency: We think of balls, strolls in Hyde Park, the excitement of the London Season and the quiet of the countryside. The Regency was also a time of great change in politics, technology, and social mores. My Explorers Club series, set at the end of the long war against Napoleon, brings heroes and heroines to new lands, facing new challenges, and finding new love. To explore with me, join my list.

Wild at Heart

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Nora Nicholson embarks on a life-changing journey of discovery. Along the way, she learns how to value herself, follow her heart, and stand on her own two feet.

Hugh Beaumont–who is more than he seems–also has a journey to make. He might think he is off to explore West African rivers and jungles, but there is so much more. Journeys of the heart take us deeper than we could ever imagine.

What’s in the works: The second Explorers Club Romance, Hidden Heart, will be released in fall 2017. This book will introduce a new set of characters at the annual autumn house party at magnificent Redfearn Hall.

The pursuit of pleasure is a Society tradition, but how will it combine with a driving desire to protect the natural beauties of Redfearn Wood? We meet an Explorer whose focus of natural study is his own home ground and the lady who might help him reach his goal, if only they can reveal what is hidden.

The third Explorers Club Romance, Lost Hearts, is scheduled for winter 2017. This book follows the frigate the Dolphin as she continues her journey, reaching the Straits of Malacca, where further adventures await.

The fourth Explorers Club Romance, The Truest Heart, is planned for 2018. This book returns us to Fort James on the West African coast, where old friends meet and old flames are rekindled.