Clare Alexander crosses the bridge into writing novels with Wild at Heart. Her background in academic, instructional, and technical writing gave her the basics of craft.

Dipping her toes into poetry, essays, and short fiction added imagination and the creation of new worlds. With Wild at Heart, she combines it all and adds new depth of story and character.

The Midwest US is home. Clare has lived in Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana.

But she thinks of herself as a citizen of the world. She has traveled in Ireland, England, and Scotland, and longs for more. Were it possible, she would travel back in time in a heartbeat.

Currently living in a university town offering access to excellent libraries, good friends, and woodland glades, she is deep into writing the next two books in The Explorers Club series.

There are already ideas for books four and five underway, and more ideas than that for other explorers of the world and the heart.